Sencha Green Tea

A quintessential green tea, Sencha is one of the most popular teas in Japan. Sencha accounts for about 80 percent of the tea consumed in Japan. It is usually served hot in the winter and chilled in warmer weather.

Sencha literally means "steamed tea" which differs from Chinese green teas, which are typically pan-fired. After the steaming process, Japanese Sencha green tea leaves are hand rolled, shaped, and dried. The steaming process creates a difference in the flavor between Chinese and Japanese green tea, with Japanese green tea having a more robust, natural flavor. This process produces a tea more vibrant green in color and the tea leaves which are richer in vitamins. 

Sencha green tea is rich in antioxidants, known as polyphenols. These antioxidants are said to have many health related benefits from Heart health, skin care and anti-aging benefits along with potential cancer prevention.

Flavor characteristics: Sencha green tea has a refreshing mildly sweet, astringent flavor with more herbal flavors.

Please keep in mind, water quality and temperature will greatly affect the flavor of Sencha in your cup.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Sencha Leaf.

Loose Leaf Tea

2 oz. 20 servings

Contains Caffeine

Enjoy hot or iced!


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