Ancient Forest

A remarkable tea! Within the mountains in Yunnan, China lies a very Ancient Tea forest - One of the most extraordinary ancient tea plantations in the world - with tea trees spreading out to cover over 11,000 acres of mountains. The ancient tea forest of this high mountain range is located at approximately 5,000 feet above sea level and is enshrouded in mist.

According to history, tea cultivation in this area began over 1,300 years ago. Experts have verified that most of these ancient tea trees are between 800 to 1,200 years old. It is the largest ancient tea plantation ever found in China that is still producing tea today. The tea trees in the soil rich forests have never been fertilized, sprayed with chemicals, or watered. They have been extolled as a "Natural Tea History Museum." The teas that are produced from here are true quality organic products. With its scientific and cultural heritage, it is certainly the most precious aspect of tea culture in the world.

Unique Tea Harvesting and Processing~

Picking leaves from the thousand-year-old tea trees is an arduous process. Those who pick the leaves must climb huge, tall trees to harvest the new buds. It is dangerous and usually the buds are not plentiful. Tea produced in this region is made using traditional methods with little variation.

Unique Characteristics and properties of this tea~

Unlike the tea harvested from tea shrubs these days, teas grown in this region are categorized in the tree family. They grow in a balanced eco-system without the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. Tea made from the buds of these thousand-year-old tea trees has a special flavor that beguiles. It carries a slight sweetness that is rarely found in other teas. One sip of this miraculous organic tea will leave your mouth filled with an unforgettable aroma and the feeling that life is as everlasting as that of the thousand-year-old tea tree…

According to recent health studies, tea from these ancient tea trees contains higher levels of polyphenol (catechin/flavanoid, flavones, anthocyanin and phenolic acids) than regular bush teas. It also contains Germanium, which is not normally found in cultivated tea plants.

Tea polyphenol has shown remarkable effects on anti-oxidation, bacterial inhibition, anti-radiation, prevention of carcinogen formation, reduction of blood-lipid, removal of free radicals, and deodorizing.

Germanium has long been known for its use in clinical trials and has been reported to have therapeutic health effects in prevention of many diseases, including cancer and arthritis.

Cup notes: rich and earthy, with notes of amber, cedar and honey. Light taste and delicate aroma.

Loose leaf tea, 2 oz.  Approx. 18 servings

INGREDIENTS: Organic Black Tea.

Ships in 2-3 business days. 


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