Love & Tea for Women


Our women’s wellness blends are formulated by Love & Tea co-founder, Jen Lashua who is a certified herbalist, specializing in herbal therapies for Women and Children's health. Our women’s wellness blends are formulated to nourish each women during pregnancy, postpartum, and through menopause.

During these life-cycles, women experience amazing transformations – these are very important times when women’s physiological needs change and require special care. Love & Tea supports women throughout these wonderful times!


We offer only the purest, premium organic artisan herbal teas!

All of our teas are handcrafted in small batches. We use only organically grown or ethically wild-crafted tea and herbs. We keep the size of our herbs larger, which is to say, we do not grind them down to a powder, this preserves more flavor, color, aroma, and the nutritional aspects of the tea.